W:O:A - Buch - We The People of Wacken

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Within the past two and a half decades the WACKEN OPEN AIR developed into the worlds greatest heavy metal festival and each year a giant cohort of fans hooks up to celebrate the music of their heroes, their way of life and themselves. In a unique way fotographer Pep Bonet caught the matchless atmosphere of this cult festival with a love for details from the fans point of view. Beginning with the entrance moving up to the ultimate party in front of the main stages but also apart from the big action during hours of smooth celebration and relaxation he accompanied the people and kept them on sweeping, insistend and deeply touching pictures which were skillfully reworked for this photo book. When you behold the 180 richly illustrated pages you will become part of the scene right away and drift along allover the ground of the mother of all festivals.The icing on the cake is the "Live at Wacken 2013" double CD contained in this package which works perfectly as soundtrack for this exciting journey. Legends such as ANNIHILATOR, MOTÖRHEAD, NIGHTWISH, PRETTY MAIDS, AMORPHIS and even the time - honoured DEEP PURPLE and ALICE COOPER shake hands to give you the time of your life. The W:O:A® presents itself here as more than just a music event. This is nothing but a way of life.