W:O:A - Das Wacken Wimmelbild - Hidden Object Picture

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Cartoonist and comic artist Kim Schmidt has been a regular at Wacken Open Air for years. His cartoons about the festival fill an entire book and are regularly presented in an exhibition on the festival grounds.

With the "Wacken Wimmelbild", he now presents his magnum opus on W:O:A.

"The festival is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. The music, the people and the atmosphere are so unique and interesting that ideas for cartoons just come to me. But these are always just detailed observations that I make. So at some point I had the idea of showing everything in one picture, in a huge Wacken hidden object picture."

It took 6 weeks of pure drawing work on the hidden object picture, plus many hours of preparatory work and image research. The journey there, the village, the big stages, the Wackinger Village, the Wasteland Warriors, the campsite, tons of party-happy metalheads and much more - it all had to be included. "I wanted to capture all the madness and drew the entire festival," says the comic artist.

The result is a huge hidden object picture that you can immerse yourself in for hours and go on a journey of discovery.

An absolute must for every heavy metal fan and for anyone who has always wanted to go to Wacken.

  • Art print 49.5 X 69.5 cm on 300 g/m2 cardboard