W:O:A - Advent Calendar - Stages

Item number mm53075
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For the W:O:A - Advent Calendar - Stages, we have come up with something very special for you!
The massive, extremely high-quality Advent calendar, which can be opened in the form of the W:O:A Mainstages, is not only a strong decoration for Christmas time - it is so much more. In the 24 doors, which in this case are removable boxes, instead of chocolate you will find many unique accessories and W:O:A gimmicks that are not available for sale elsewhere - this includes patches, pins, a multitool, a bottle opener and much more (Of course we don't want to reveal all of them at this point!)

It also works like a puzzle! As soon as you have opened a door (a box), you turn the black side backwards and reveal part of the main motif, which shows itself in its entirety after opening all 24 doors.

The calendar is durable enough so that you can even reuse it a year later and fill it with new surprises for your loved ones.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions: approx. 37 x 33 cm
  • including individually printed boxes (printed allover)
  • 1-side door number / 2-side WOA stage motif
  • Including foldable WOA skull on top
  • incl. magnetic lock on the front doors for locking
  • including support stand
  • Incl. black slipcase